HC steel wire

High carbon galvanized steel wire is a useful product in electrical industries and typically, it is the most important section in producing overhead cables and electrical transmission lines. When the usage of this product in the mentioned cases is determined, it can be considered as a turning point in electrical industries and the change in cost, energy and efficiency will be significant.
This product is a wire made of high-carbon steel (high strength) that is adjusted with a desired diameter during a drawing process and in the galvanization process it is dipped in zinc and is used as the core and main part of the overhead cables (ACSR).
The aluminum conductor reinforced with steel or ACSR is a type of conductor in the overhead transmission lines that enjoys a steel core to reach a determined mechanical strength. The steel core of this cable is galvanized and proportionate to the size of the cable it might be made of one or several strings of twisted steels. In accordance with the ASTM standards, hard aluminum is used in the aluminum strings of this conductor. These strings are twisted around the steel core. Proportionate to the type of usage of the cable, its current capacity and mechanical strength are adjusted by changing the proportion between aluminum and steel. The main features of this conductor are high mechanical strength in relation to their weight and also little sagging that it is for this reason that they can be useful in long spans that high pressure to electrical towers is important.  
This conductor is considered as the most widely used conductor in the distribution, sub transmission, and transmission overhead lines and also used in the high voltage power substations and it is among the most common products in the market of electrical industry. This conductor is made by a combination of steel strings in the central layers (to create appropriate mechanical strength) and aluminum strings with high purity degree in the outer layers (to increase the electrical conductivity of the conductor).  
About the role of steel (the goal product) in the mentioned conductors it should be noted that among other materials, steel has the highest mechanical strength and the lowest electrical conductivity for manufacturing the wires. For this reason, the usage of steel wires is limited in cases in which mechanical strength is the first priority of importance or when low powers should be transferred. In general, they are used in short distances in the medium voltage networks. For instance, crossing the rivers or wide riverbeds, and the passing distances over the waterways and canals are some of these cases. The steel conductors are used for the protection or earth wires, overhead lines, wires of the containment systems and in many other cases as the core or the middle string of the overhead wires. Accordingly, steel is usually protected against corrosion by galvanization or covering with other forms.
In order to increase the mechanical strength of aluminum conductors, the inside of the conductor is strengthened by steel strings and a wire with appropriate electrical and mechanical capability is obtained which is superior to other conductors and it is widely used in overhead lines. These conductors are also called steel aluminum wires. The specific electrical strength of these wires is subject to their purity degree and physical conditions.


DIN 48200-3 ( single wire )
Wire Diameter (mm) Tensile strength (Mpa) Coating Weight (g/m2)
1.35 - 1.75 1310 - 1520 200
1.76 - 2.74 1310 - 1520 210
2.75 - 3.49 1310 - 1520 250
3.50 - 4.95 1310 - 1520  


BS EN 50189 (single wire)
Tensile strength Coating Weight (g/m²)
Diameter (mm) (Mpa) Class A Class B Class C Class D Class E
1.24<d≤1.50 1400 185 370 150 365 185
1.50<d≤1.75 1400 200 400 160 460 200
1.75<d≤2.00 1400 215 430 175 550 215
2.00<d≤2.25 1400 215 430 175 550 250
2.25<d≤2.75 1350 230 460 190 640 250
2.75<d≤3.00 1350 230 460 190 640 250
2.75<d≤3.00 1300 245 490 205 730 250
3.50<d≤4.25 1300 260 520 260 730 260
4.25<d≤4.75 1300 275 520 275 775 275

High Carbon Galvanized Steel Wire -ACSR (Single Wire)
Wire Diameter (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Quter Diameter (mm) Length (m)
1.44-4.80 500 850 4100-8200*
* متراژ بر اساس سفارش مشترى قابل تغییر مى باشد.


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